codeCraft 2019

A two day compitive programming event.

coding.Studio(); is the official programming club of vbit which came up with the motto of focussing on 'T-Technology' part in 'VBIT'. So, on the days of 11-2-2019 & 12-2-2019, coding.Studio conducted their first event codeCraft which dealt with competitive programming. On the first day, the volunteers conducted an introductory session where they introduced the participated to competitive programming and explained them about a few different algorithms. After the first session, there was a practice round conducted on a2oj online judge.

On the second day, overall 7 teams competed in a competitive programming battle which seemed like a cliff hanger every minute. After so many shufflings of the leaderboard, Kodandaram and team won the competetion by stealing the top position while there were only 3 seconds left.

Press the below button to have a look at the questions and solutions of this nail-biting competetion!

codeCraft 2019

codeCraft was first ever event conducted by coding.Studio(); and it was based on competitive programming.



A 3 hours session on introduction competitive programming was held.


A practice session following the introductory session was held on the first day of the event to get participants ready for the competetion.

Get, set, Code!!

On the second day of the event, all the 7 teams competed against each other in a 5 hour long programming contest.

1 participants
1 Teams
1MBPS Wi-Fi!
1 Man-Hours Spent